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Lee & Fabienne Easton

Returning for their 2nd year are the amazing Lee and Fabienne Easton! Their versitality is exactly what the community of NeverlandSwing needs, showing the technical depth of West Coast Swing and the ability to let it resonate clearly with our students!! Don’t forget that Lee’s going to fill in the role of MC which gave us in 2023 the right user experience. Glad to have them back for another year!!


Philippe Amar

& Giulia Rusch

It was a long time coming, but we finally landed them this year! Giulia already made her mark during her previous visits to the Netherlands and by teaming up with Phillipe, we will get high qualified teachers to improve our dancing!! Looking forward to see them both on the dancefloor at NeverlandSwing! 


Chuck Brown & Lauren Jones

Our headjudge is back, again giving us that so much needed chemistry and community feeling. You definitely don’t want to miss out his way of capturing the essence of West Coast Swing!!

We also welcome back Lauren Jones who propelled herself as both an amazing entertainer and teacher in a very short time. If you haven’t seen her viral videos,  check her YouTube or Instagram & see why we are happy to have her back at NeverlandSwing!!

Hejung Jung.jpg

Heejung Jung

Sometimes faith will land you  one of the greater hiphop influencers for WCS followers! We are happy to have HeeJung return at NeverlandSwing, especially since we love to mix up our dance vocabulary, so what better way than to let the organizer of the Korean Open (WSDC) expand our skillset. We can’t wait to see what she has in store!


This year we will run our successful Newcomer Bootcamp series,  lead by Gordon Mac Donald. The Newcomers track follows the global "Project Swing" initiative, which has been proven to upgrade each newcomer to Level 2 dance level and even the motivation to register for the Newcomers competition! Gordon is a GPDIA Advanced certified instructor and has been coaching West Coast Swing dancers since 2014


Your DJ's


DJ Chris (nl)


DJ Martin (de)


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