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Price Policy

All prices are displayed on our website under “registration” in the EURO currency. They are based on the 1st come, 1st served principle and payment are due within 14 days after the registration has been accepted. The price is gradually increasing based on the availability of the pass at a given price. The price at the time of acceptance is valid, eg. if being freed from a waiting list the price at the time of confirmation of attendance will apply.

  • exchange: a paid/confirmed or not paid/confirmed registration/pass, can be exchanged on the buyers side for the same role (for all passes) and/or level (full and weekend pass)! ATTENTION: be aware of SCAMS! We recommend that prior to an exchange/money transfer between yourselves, that you first check the name/email/pass with Us under:

  • cancellation: a registration can be canceled for no specific reason until the payment has been completed on both sides. Once a registration has been paid/completed, no cancellation/refund is possible no matter the circumstances on the buyers side. Registrations that are not paid within the given timeframe, are automatically canceled and a new registration based on the current prices will apply to still have a chance to be part of the event.

  • refund: Should it not be possible for Us, to hold the event a full refund (note: all payment transaction costs excluded) will be made through the payment system used during the registration up to the lastest, 1 months after the official event dates. No other refund policy applies.

*NOTE*: We hold the right to cancel/exclude without right for a refund of any kind any registration/participant not following the rules of the event at any time up to 1 months after the event.

  • Group Pass: a 10 EUR discount on the Full Pass only for the Normal & Late Bird price will be given out to a Role and Level Balanced Group of 10 Dancers. There will be one designated Group Leader being the direct contact person for all terms, payments and balance specifics. Once the group has fully registered according to the guidelines and paid, a final confirmation will be given to the group. Dancers who have already paid for a pass can not be part of the Group. Dancers who already registered but have not paid yet, should cancel their registration in order to benefit from the discount. Example on a group setting: 3xLeader novice, 1xLeader intermediate, 1xLeader advance, 3xFollower novice, 1x Follower intermediate, 1xFollower advance

Level DescRiptioN

​Levels at NeverlandSwing are set up to welcome dancers of all skill levels, making sure everyone can fully enjoy the WSDC weekend.

  1. Newcomers Classes: Specifically designed for beginners and those new to larger WCS events, our Newcomers classes help you ease into the weekend. Led by Gordon Mac Donald, a GPDIA Advanced certified instructor with years of experience, these classes follow the "Project Swing" initiative, proven to elevate newcomers to Level 2 proficiency and even inspire participation in the Newcomers competition.

  2. Newcomers or Level 2 Access: With a Full Pass, you automatically gain access to Newcomers or Level 2 without needing an audition.

  3. Level 3 and Level 4: Access to these levels is based on your WSDC level or through auditions held on Saturday mornings. If you have Novice points, you automatically access Level 3; Intermediate/Advanced points grant access to Level 4.

  4. Flexibility: Instructors may suggest moving between levels to ensure the quality of training. Generally, attending workshops one level lower than registered is possible, provided it doesn't detract from the experience of others at that level.

With our structured approach and expert instruction, you'll find the perfect fit for your skill level at Neverland Swing.

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